Gold and Silver Substrates for AFM, STM

EMS Gold Coated Substrates

EMS offers a variety of economically priced gold coated substrates. All coatings are deposited under vacuum using electron beam evaporation. These high quality substrates are coated with 500 Å (50 nm) of gold, with a thin chromium adhesion layer (2-7 nm) between the glass and gold coating. This adhesion layer can also be replaced with titanium upon request. All substrates are pre-cleaned using an ion source for quality assurance. Glass slides are packed in a dedicated cleanroom environment and shipped in slide mailers. All coverslips are packed in a dedicated cleanroom environment and shipped in a X0 Gel-Pak box. All gold substrates are autoclavable.

Gold Coated Microscope Slide71892-05

Gold Coated 2" Silicon Wafer

Gold Coated 4" Silicon Wafer

71892-1571892-10Gold Coated Glass Square Coverslips
71892-20Gold Coated Glass Round Coverslips


  • Optics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • AFM applications


 Microscope SlidesSilicon WafersCoverslips
Type:Soda lime glassP/BoronBorosilicate glass
Density:2.48 g/cm3——-2.51 g/cm3
Refractive Index (λ=546.1 nm):1.517——-1.525
CoatingGold, AuGold, AuGold, Au
Coating Purity:99.999%99.999%99.999%
Deposition Technique:Electron BeamElectron BeamElectron Beam
Deposition Rate:1-2 Å/sec1-2 Å/sec1-2 Å/sec
Vapor Pressure:10-6 Torr10-6 Torr10-6 Torr
Resistivity:——-1-50 ohm-cm——-
Front Surface:——-Polished——-
Back Surface:——-Etched——-